Friday, February 04, 2005

What is wrong with the Ownership Society?

I have a house, I have a mortgage on this house and I look out on my fence and I sing with the trees that surround me on my property. I looked out tonight as I let the dog out and thought to myself, "I love this place" - this place that just happens to be my place, the place I have a land title to. The place that needs its fascia board painted; that needs the deck to extend further around it, where instead of a deck there's dirt where my dog lies down and goes to sleep in.

Of course, what we own has limits, making it uncomfortable for us some times. Maybe we could extend our limits to get over this problem. But how? Own more? When we join the ownership society we think we own our opinions and our wives and our things and we sleep through ourselves. I think we need to un-own things. We need to find ourselves in things that haven't been born.

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