Friday, April 07, 2006

Enrichment marketing

Living in the states you can't miss the shiny pickup trucks and SUVs. These are unnecessary things, for the most part, so what now?

Amercianism has been cheapened by behaviors that justify profit over work; you also get a sense of destiny as predicted by de Toqueville and more recently, Daniel Boorstin. In 1830 de Toqueville wrote of Amercicans:

"For them desire for well-being has become a restless, burning passion which increases with satisfaction. They broke the ties of attachment to their native soil long ago and have not found new ones since"

Today, jockeying among the shiny trucks along Euclid Avenue in Upland, CA, and their pro Bush bumper stickers, I can't escape the way personal freedom and personal gain are justified by what sometimes seems like a monloithic marketing machine. So I'm excited to have come across Bob Reiher and the notion of enrichment marketing . Co-author of Kidnapped : How Irresponsible Marketers Are Stealing the Minds of Your Children , his company is using its expertise to propose an alternative to predatory marketing. Cool.

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