Thursday, July 12, 2007

Entering the small green world

Today, opposition leader Dion promises to bank on arts and culture , saying "The way to be strong economically is to be creative."

You could say this is part of a consistent, green platform.

Once you decide you want to /have to 'go green' - the next step is "how." There is the big scale - a necessary world of power politics, legislation, coaxing and coercion. And then there is the smaller scale. Both are necessary, and they are self-supporting.

The small green world is entered into the moment I stop myself from putting the hammer down to accelerate past the asshole/car in front of me; it comes when I go outside and notice the day. The closest I can come to describing this is - it is a poetic world.

Is Dion's call no more than a piece of political pandering, or fatuous generosity? Who knows his motives. Either way, there is a need to support things that are sustainable, good; the arts can help.
Teapot by Nicholas Bernard

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