Monday, July 16, 2007

Giving, useful

Free information isn't quite free. The fee is embedded in the work to decode the message, the work to hand-hold, or the payment upfront. I maintain that the best messages are predicated by giving ; that is not to say that we float above the finances.

What I've done in sites like aboutglasstile , bc mortgage connection and others is provide a wealth of information, to provide relevance. With this approach you have to be transparent about sponsorship, or the space gets creepy. The idea is to earn the right to be an authority.

People don't want to pay for information or electronic tools any more. Microsoft is finding this out. After years of both charging high rates and branding eyeballs, the user wants out. Pass me the Mac, pass me linux/ubuntu.

Does embedded advertising signal the decline of information? Well, maybe. But I'd like to know when and how work was given away for free.

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