Sunday, August 26, 2007

When comfort comes home

I've been working on information architecture project for a company that refits homes with energy efficient windows, heating systems, insulation etc. They are a large company, headed in Europe, and one of the biggest in Western Canada. Their research shows that Canadians care most about home comfort, then value/efficiency. Smaller carbon footprint isn't really up there at all as a trigger to tighten up the home. More of a 'nice to have.'
I read this morning that according to the Egglog blog - a new fav -
"Actual green behavior in the marketplace has barely begun, but its potential is limitless. Only when economies of scale provide us with affordable, good looking, affordable, high performance, affordable, great tasting, affordable, stylish, and affordable, goods and services that are environmentally or socially aware, will this movement stick on any scale."
This is encouraging, sort of. It reminds me of Hugh MacLeod's gaping void cartoon. We want the best of both worlds.

Always difficult to generalize, but his could be a Canadian trait.

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