Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Because green is ultimately cool

Green marketing is socially responsible, because green is about responsibility, and the product (object) and communications (object) must be in synch, like a bridge and an island.

Just as "green consumerism" is an oxymoron, so is green "push" command-and-control, anti social marketing.

The rules of conventional branding don't quite apply. Neither does the conventional wisdom around environmentalism apply.

Take Tourism. Is it good for the environment? Well, conventional environmentalism might say NO. But then again, some environmentalism suggests that staying holed up in your home, or pushing home grown rutabagas on those poor lousy innocents = environmentalism.

But if green is about embracing change in a positive way, about contributing to a better life, then Travel can be green; in so far as Travel is not hard wired to consumerism then it can be green.
There is an element of faith in this. Let's say that Travel is not equivalent to staying at a chic hotel in Banff and buying expensive stuff ( "good for the economy!!). And let's say that if we start with redefining Travel to embrace all of us, then everybody benefits. Is there money in it? You have to think so. Which leads me to....

Tourism Canada, and fellow Bowen Islander Michelle Glave, worked on this fantasitc bit by Shane Koyczan:

Social marketing is ultimately cool; green is ultimately cool.
Nice local, "green" post by Michelle Glave, BTW, on One Day Bowen.

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