Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Green marketing is social marketing

The language of marketing is about conquest, power, push.
And, as I understand it, branding is about creating a niche that is exclusive, that enables the company to rise above commoditization. It is about creating a special space that visitors can rent time in. When the fresh cup of coffee is served, I am part of the dream. When the cup is drained, the paper cup is stained, and time's up. I can only get the dream back by coming back, and paying again.

These things we buy, in the space of life and death, are actually mundane. Just brown liquid in a paper cup. But marketing communications makes it seem otherwise, by promising betterment, or inducing fear or reprisal, or flattering people. In other words, by making people cherish themselves, even more. Like Hollywood does.

Fat lot of good, but Green products are still often sold this old Hollywood way. In so far as the conventional branded experience encourages me to be cool in myself, it actually subverts integration of self and other. Which brings me to my point: Conventional branding is the opposite of green. QED.

Green is socially integrated; social marketing is the fit. More on this.

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