Friday, December 21, 2007

Social media is not antisocial

I posted a link to a movie trailer on my nephew's Facebook wall all the other day, and an application automatically generated another link to the same movie studio-hosted place, with the name of the studio on it. Someone is getting paid to get in the way.

You don't go to a cocktail party and talk about your Yaris' fuel economy and add "act now and you can receive 1.9% financing. Until Dec 31. Some conditions apply." That would be antisocial. When Facebook apps mimics this behavior, well, it ain't social either.

The term "Social media" is in danger of being appropriated by the overbearing types in old school Marketing. Go figure.

For 2008: who knows how things we call social media will look, but when I see propagandistic, slimy, hyped up, anti social marketing - I'll resist calling this social media, just out of principle.

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