Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Splunking by sink holes

Fab post at "Talent Imitates.." on Skype phones and interim times.
- of the weight "pushing back on us from the future".

In Canada we already have Voip LAN phones that are all upside - (way) cheaper, clearer, easier. Our house adopted Voip, and we'll never go back. But we are still in a HUGE minority, though clearly the old platform is built above a growing sink hole. Same with cell phone networks - the North American companies are absolute dinosaurs and thieves - but financially successful. This means something.

In a speeded up world of shifting tectonic plates and melting icecaps, sink holes form more quickly. Understanding Mark Earls' and others' insights on herd behavior seems vital now, as successful businesses are ABOUT making the most of these sink holes. So what if this platform is decrepit, and will collapse? There is still business there, and there may not necessarily be money in the new solid platform.

Of course, many of us adopt ahead and forget to make the most of these sink holes - perhaps overwhelmed by anxiety.

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