Tuesday, December 04, 2007

We can see a touching blue before the green.

According to Cluetrain hero David Weinberger at a recent ( Defrag) conference, the unspoken is the source of all value... and marketing should not lie to people. Nice.

Social media is the thing upon us, and with it comes the erosion of the power and myth of the personal narrative. Things happen in concert, and we have a chance to realize this in social media. Hence the tremendous human and commercial potential - because social media is more like us than command-and-control anti social marketing.

Unlike social marketing as an activity, its new platform, the Web, is implemented to keep all information - seemingly for ever. This "paper" trail is in some ways unnatural - there is always decay in nature, but by concretizing events, like any publishing instance, content and links have an appearance of permanence. And hence, we think, they might be worth alot.

Well, things keep accelerating, and these things are mostly ( like this blog!) not widely read. Just as well. Content is overrated. For social marketing to work, there is a need to get under what is the meaning of social marketing, and loosen one's grip on the Web itself, let alone its obviously flawed concrete forms ( twitter, youtube, myspace, facebook etc).

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