Saturday, February 02, 2008

The best part of the Sundae

There's a section in Seth Godin's Meatball Sundae that talks about Josiah Wedgewood's marketing revolution.

Even economic history, let alone the present, tends to flatter the people we think are influencers ( see Herd's great new post) but to my mind Wedgewood blazed a trail that is still impressive. He revolutionized production, and marketing/distribution; reading it gets the juice going.

We suffer from a tragic and brutal sense of entitlement. In the West with our cars and money and education - we have already done well, thank you. And we want to keep that going. But future prosperity is uncertain, esp because the old tricks aren't working, and India and China work harder than we do.

I can read about Josiah Wedgewood all I want, but I wont necessarily be part of the next wave. Change takes sacrifice. The question is, what kind of sacrifice. Seth Godin has his ideas. What'll 'I' do?

Seems that bringing up empowered and reflective people, and responding to needs with sincerity - these things aren't frills in the emerging economy. And who knows, Green and local may prove to be a protectionist ethic that is a bastion of our economy.

Meatballs no more. We have to get better.

[aside: A nice permission marketing clip... ]

Who am I kidding. I love everything about this vid.

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