Thursday, November 27, 2008

Good governance tool?

Teaming up with Peter Rawsthorne today. Discussion boards abound, and they take on their own character. But this character isn't necessarily useful for governance and policy development. We're looking to engage in a participative good gov prototype for Bowen Island. What tool/s to use? Ivar has suggested but there may be a more visually satisfying platform. Or maybe a series of platforms.

We imagine clouds of tagged content, with identifiable participants. For instance, for assisting a positive, sustainable hitchhiking culture on island, a good aim might be to
1) Create a cloud of post links and wiki pages tagged with bowen hitchhiking culture
2) Be able to pull out optimal content, with minimal noise for use in policy development.

We are less and less interested in the broadcast of expert opinion in social or other media. The primacy of expert artifacts gives way to the primacy of developmental process. We need social media enabled as a process for community use. Bowen has a lot of potential for this type of activity - politicized people with time. The question is, how?[added: Peter R will post on this too]

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