Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Unglibbing ourselves

Listening to CBC Radio in the car this morning - a young couple describing her ('their') pregnancy in a witty way: "It's kind of like science fiction..."

(turning radio off)

Science fiction can be fairly described as an Image, a reduction, or a projection of the life we live. Skipping along the surface of our life, and its births, marriages, and deaths, in a glib, culturally schooled way, allows us to disregard the actual content of our life, or treating it as an aberration.

Web 2.0 doesn't have to be about more and thicker streams of glibness. There is alot of glib out there, and the glib filters are coming onto the way we use websites, IM, Twitter, Facebook, emails, Skype calls...

Thinking this morning: What's valuable is still valuable. For any person in any group, whether it's the CBC, my company, or your business, that real, humane, and direct communication is not just valuable, but a prerequisite - or it'll be filtered out.

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Jonathan said...

Interesting. There is a kind of paradox that the hyperconnected world of "web 2.0" also distances us from one another if we're not attentive.

The message it seems is to keep ensuring that we bring our humanity to the forefront in all our interactions even when they're just 140 characters.

Thanks for the reminder.