Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why govt 2.0 is green.

Note on govt 2.0 as a green aesthetic.

Govt 2.0 is like web 2.0 - an aesthetic of mass enablement.

The notion of the City Hall building with its corinthian pillars and whatnot being = "government" melts down. Our mental association of govt changes: not pillars, but connectors.

Governance appears anywhere there is input and decision-making on the use of public space. In govt 2.0, that can be all over - policy making wikis, discussion groups, or in a physical place like neighborhood parties that are busy planting flowers. The place, appearance, and membership isn't static.

People have had church basement meetings, and translated action to City Hall for ever. But the difference with govt 2.0 is, City Hall may take more of a backseat in terms of decision making. The seat of power has to do with the way intelligence is aggregated. The form is not that place on 7th and Cambie. It is non persistent. This changes things.

This is connected to the jag: persistent forms are not green.

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