Monday, April 05, 2010

Software for linchpins

Seth Godin proposes that humanizing the workplace, 1) by removing dehumanizing factors - like rote responses, and unwavering chains of command - and 2) by promoting intrinsic entrepreneurial action. His latest book touches on Krulak's Law:

...the more you are willing to push decision-making and responsibility down the organization and the more you’re willing to hire and train people to thrive in this kind of organization, the better off you’ll be in a 2010 world of inter-connectivity, social media, and online reviews. - Jeff Sexton

I work for a software company that sells to chain restaurant businesses. The early gen appeal was "software to reduce the human factor, to automate etc". To make your factory run. But efficiency through pure automation is easy to value but only goes so far. Businesses, business support systems, and business support staff, that help front line workers become linchpins of their organizations are more valuable than ever. Ask Krulak et al. That is our value proposition. Assisting development through interaction - that's easy to stand behind, because it values human beings and actual efficiency.

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