Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Space seed propaganda and richness

Blogging about real enrichment, and creating human space in communications.

I just finished a couple of articles "explaining" the value of some products. The idea was to take a mundane object ( a tile) and abstract the good that it does. I think that this is what fashion writing is about for the msot part. The whole project that the articles are put into - an online magazine - was conceived and created by me and the last articles are making me reconsider my sincerity. Maybe I need to reimagine this mag and this kind of article , especially in light of this thing my wife sent me today:

"Trying to please the audience lowers the level of sophistication constantly. That's what's wrong with the American marketing system. When you try to always please the audience you have to produce more and more automatic things, more and more plastic, so people don't even have to walk out of their rooms to make things work. They just press a button and they get entertained.

"You see, we have the responsibility of raising the mentality level of the audience. People might have to reach out with a certain amount of strain but it's worth it. The whole civilization then begins to raise its level of sophistication. It is possible that the first attempt will be a failure. You might not get enough people in the audience to work that way at first, but gradually they will pick it up. That has actually been happening.

"The beautiful thing about Buddhism, if I may say so, is that Buddhists don't try to con you. They just present what they have to say as it is, take it or leave it." Chogyam Trungpa, Space seed and richness.

Ouch. Maybe I should look for a new vocation - the shoe repair business maybe.

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