Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On green brands: "If green is good"

Cartoon by Hugh at Gaping Void.

Brands are usually designed to linger on the mind. Which means they focus our attention and also displace it from other things - sometimes referred to as "grabbing eyeballs."

The goal of branding can be to be "first in mind"; failing this, it should be memorable, persistent. Branding is considered very successful when Coke, for example, has become refreshment.

Today there is talk about green brands. But can a brand, as we know the term, be green? If "green" is about maintaining attention to the environment, and is about respect, maybe green marketing has to take a different approach than the "first in mind" principle. Doesn't conventional brand building result in non biodegradable mental products, after all?

Words and symbols are often mistaken as a kind of seminal basis of things. This is probably a deformation of the Information Age. As a result, technology abounds, lies spread, and relationship suffers.

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