Friday, September 07, 2007

The pros and cons of green cachet.

Green products are theoretically designed to reduce net footprint caused by over consumption; green marketers try to attract people who have money to spend. The two aims are not always in sync.

Tom Conrad writes in Alt Energy Stocks, "People want to be seen to be green a lot more than they want to save a few dollars on gas."

So far, so 'good' . But Tom adds, " The Japanese who buy fake solar panels don't ask about the payback period." Hmm.

It may be that adopting externalized notions of what is green and good ( e.g. solar power = no global warming = good) doesn't help after all. Anyway, as mentioned in an earlier post, Green marketing is often just derivative nonsense, and lacks real freshness. Which is a problem if what you are selling is freshness.

Conrad's entire article, "Why Energy Efficiency is a Hard Sell.

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