Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My coffee

My coffee comes at 11am outside a name brand coffee house, set on the morning-traffic side of the street. Look, I'm co-creating what this cafe is right now: I share with it my self with my laptop and it imparts to me its hot drinks and superior business model. I mention the business model because, although this Americano is unremarkable, it doesn't matter: I'm consuming something bigger anyway.

Could be that my coffee's unremarkableness makes it work even more here. It is the
equivalent of the Dreamgirls character played by Bionce Knowles: a beautiful cipher containing a reliable, and successful formula. Desirable for its confidence, its wealth, its attraction, my coffee is a suitably bland, stable formula that supports but does not distract from the higher brand value.

This commercial moment is enhancing me, right now. The caffeine and the brand experience both lift and separate me from the bike commuters, the car traffic, from the other strugglers. This is better than a moment of pedestrian lucidity: it is an enhanced I-am moment, where I rise above my environment. My coffee gives me a whiff of excitement, a sense of bigness, an experience of myself as Image.

A brand new Prius drives by.

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