Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ecocentric thinking

In a world of almost unlimited choice, we pick a subset of available items to browse from.

This subset is typically determined by brand, retail outlet or price. I want to buy something from the Gap (or not). I will check the Clearance rack.
It's up to green marketers to deeply realize our tendency to cordon off a section of the market that we will choose from, and present a subset of globally available items in an appealing way, such that consumers are liable to access it.
Green marketers, in other words, re-frame the market.

"Ecocentra is an online marketing place for buying and selling eco friendly and ethical products
"Unlike ebay, you can list your products for up to 3 months
"Unlike ebay, we focus on products that help reduce our impact on the planet
"Unlike ebay, listing and selling your products on ecocentra is FREE. "

-see Ecocentra

thanks to Materialicous for pointing them out...

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