Thursday, September 25, 2008

Social Capital Value Add

Torontonian Michael Cayley wrote me a nice note of encouragement on my changethis proposal. In fact, quite a few nice people have contacted me about it. A hidden bonus to all this.

A few months ago, it was Michael who had a changethis proposal; now it is no. 5 on the current changethis manifesto list. Go Michael.

BTW I have a few words from Michael's piece attached to my desktop, as I type. All about the memetic brand Vs the symbolic brand. A very well researched, good read.

The end point of my changethis adventure will, hopefully, be an ebook like Michael's - which can be downloaded on changethis or by visiting his site. Click here to get there, or click on the big yellow brick road image.


Michael Cayley said...

Thanks John & good luck!

John Dumbrille said...

Thanks Michael, and good luck applying all this to the Hotel industry... he said gobbling it down.